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Token Genius, Series A, Reg D

$10m raise, $100 minimum

We are looking for partners who wish to join us in positioning
Token Genius as the leading name when Tokenizing Securities


Target Raise
USD 0 m

Token Name
Token Genius Limited, Class A

Token Symbol

Token Value
100 USD

Token Supply
100,000 tokens

Full Product Ready


Sarasota, FL, USA


April 2023


Incorporation Type


Company Summary

Token Genius revolutionizes capital raising through innovative tokenization processes, offering cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional IPOs.

Our services cater primarily to small to mid-sized companies, breaking barriers by providing access to funds previously inaccessible due to prohibitive costs.

With a focus on transparency, security, and efficiency, we’re reshaping the financial industry through digital innovation.

Utilizing the ERC3643 standard alongside our proprietary technology, ensuring unparalleled security, visibility, and authenticity in the blockchain world.







Management Team

Token Genius is led by Ken Baxter and Michael Gilmore, both seasoned professionals in finance and blockchain technology. Ken brings over 20 years of experience in financial services, coupled with expertise in blockchain technology. Michael, with a master’s degree in law, has a background in international banking and extensive experience in blockchain startups. Together, they drive innovation in the digital finance realm.

Customer Problem

Tokenization of Securities and Real World Assets has been missing vital components in terms of visible verifiable data and documentation available on the blockchain. Access to capital for small to mid-sized businesses can be cost and time prohibitive, as traditional IPOs and capital raises often involve substantial costs and complexities.

Products & Services

Our suite of services includes innovative tokenization solutions for various assets, from securities to collectibles. We offer cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional capital raising methods, facilitating rapid access to funds. Our platform provides comprehensive services such as contract embedding, secure document storage, and simplified cap table management, all with unmatched transparency on the blockchain.

Target Market

Token Genius targets a diverse market encompassing small to mid-sized companies seeking capital, banks, brokerages, and owners of tangible assets like property and collectibles. Geographically, we operate globally, focusing on regions where there is a growing demand for digital finance solutions. Demographically, our services cater to businesses and individuals looking for streamlined, cost-effective capital raising alternatives.

Business Model

Our business model revolves around offering innovative tokenization solutions to clients seeking efficient and cost-effective capital raising methods. We aim to deliver, and retain value through provision of comprehensive tokenization services, strategic partnerships, and continuous technological advancement.

Customer Segments

Small to Mid-sized Companies:
Cost-effective alternatives to traditional IPOs for capital raising.

Banks and Brokerages:
Partnering to tokenize traditional securities and expand their service offerings.

Owners of Tangible Assets:
Unlock liquidity in assets like property, art, and collectibles through tokenization.

Crypto Enthusiasts:
Interested in tokenizing cryptocurrencies and utility tokens for investment diversification.

Sales & Marketing Strategy
Our sales and marketing strategy involves leveraging digital channels such as targeted advertising in industry publications and strategic PPC campaigns.

We also utilize direct promotion to engage with potential customers.

Networking at events and conventions, along with active social media presence, enhances our visibility.

Additionally, we employ SEO techniques powered by AI to optimize our online presence and reach a wider audience.
Our competitors in tokenization offer similar services but lack our comprehensive approach, innovative technology, and personalized support.

Our competitors focus on specific asset classes or target markets, whilst we provide a diverse range of tokenization solutions for securities, collectibles, and cryptocurrencies.

Our robust platform, coupled with our expertise in both traditional finance and blockchain, sets us apart in the industry.
Competitive Advantage
Our competitive advantage lies in our pioneering approach to tokenization, leveraging the latest blockchain advancements, including the ERC3643 standard.

We offer comprehensive services, unparalleled security, transparency, and authenticity, setting us apart as leaders in the digital finance realm.
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